Aim To Head Mix:

Established in 2020, Aim To Head Mix delivers the best dark themed electro music mixes covering multiple sub-genres from hardwave to techno. Aim To Head Mix has rapidly become a reference point on YouTube for discovering new artists or exploring new music and moods.


Aim To Head Official: 

Started in 2016, Aim To Head Official supports content creators by delivering Copyright Free music on a daily basis, covering multiple genres like Techno, Industrial, Synthwave, House, Hardwave and many others. 


Aim To Head Release:

Launched in 2021, Aim To Head Release (or ATH) is the Aim To Head’s record label project. Focused on releasing the best artists in the dark electro scene and supported by a passionate global community, Aim To Head Release wants to stand up as a valid dark alternative to the soulless main stream.


Aim To Head is an electronic music production, a network and a label based in Rome, Italy. 


The founders Matteo Della Millia and Simone Mastrangelo are childhood friends who started making music together in 2012 in a duo-band called Scossa. 


After they failed several times in their attempt of getting signed by record labels they decided to release their first single ‘Be Drone’ independently, the track received a good feedback on YouTube and laid the foundation for their self-production channel Aim To Head Official.


Since then, they have been releasing their music constantly, exploring and mixing different genres and sounds.

In 2020 the channel Aim To Head Official grew a lot of popularity and went from 2.000 subscribers to 50.000 in 4 months.


Few months later they opened their second channel Aim To Head Mix that grew 200k

subscribers in less than 1 year.


In 2021 they launched their label project named Aim To Head Release.